Why it’s vital to put your mental health above a job role like Harry and Meghan...

March 17, 2021

Why it’s vital to put your mental health above a job role like Harry and Meghan...

The decision by Prince Harry and his wife the Duchess of Sussex to step down from their roles as working royals has been one of the hottest news topics of recent years.

The hugely watched and talked about Oprah Winfrey interview saw the famous pair talk openly about their choice to give up their jobs within the Royal Family, and choose a quieter life, out of the British media spotlight, in Meghan’s home state of California.

While criticism has come thick and fast for the young couple, there has also been praise for their courage to step away and choose a new path that they hope will benefit their mental health and the privacy of their (soon to be) two children.

Here at Chrysalis People Solutions it got us talking...

When is it ok to leave a job that’s making you miserable?

“I’ve spoken to lots of candidates over the past few weeks who are in a position where their job is making them completely miserable, but they’re too worried to move right now because of everything that’s happening in the world,” says our Managing Director Marie Piercy.

“But the reality is: why not now? I think the past year has made us all reassess and think about what’s important, and so if you’re really miserable in your role, then for your mental health, now is exactly the right time to start looking for a new one.”

Ask yourself some questions first...

Are the reasons you’re feeling dissatisfied things that could be fixed?

Everyone has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic - is the way you’re feeling about your role to do with that, or is it something more? Is it just the situation you’re in right now?

Were you unhappy in your job before the pandemic?

Have you felt your employer has reacted well to the changes, supporting working from home and flexibility due to the closure of schools and childcare?

Has Covid-19 prevented you from progressing? Do you feel undervalued?

Or perhaps the pandemic has shone a light on the reality of your situation and you’ve had an epiphany moment in the past year? It’s made you feel life’s too short and you need to pursue your dreams.

Be honest with yourself: is your job a factor in the state of your mental health?

What steps to take if it is the right time to leave your current job

The first step has to be some conversations, both with people you trust and to a recruiter.

“Be cautious, do your homework, and speak to someone who can be honest with you and objective, and guide you through this new journey,” advises Marie.

“A great recruiter will coach you and figure out where you’re at and if now is the right time.

“If they agree you should move, they’ll support you to envisage what that move could look like. They’ll then work on your behalf to put you in front of potential employers.”

Don’t be put off by all the doom and gloom...  

Of course, right now leaving a position of secure employment could feel like a scary move. But at Chrysalis People Solutions we’re seeing that lots of businesses are hiring; in fact we’re busier than we ever have been in the past few years.

So don’t think businesses aren’t recruiting right now, they are! For people with a certain skill set in particular there is still high demand and a shortage of talent in particular industries as well.

We’re here to support you

Sadly for Meghan and Harry, not getting the right support when they needed it most was what they cited as a major reason for leaving their roles within the Royal Family. But for those of us that can make a role change without the hype, why not start with a conversation with our expert team who can really provide the support and guidance to make the right move at the right time, putting you into a new role that’s the perfect fit.

Do give us a call on 0333 888 4048; we’d be delighted to discuss your future employment opportunities with you.

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