What’s the benefits to outsourcing your recruitment?

April 15, 2018

What’s the benefits to outsourcing your recruitment?

Ten years ago, recruitment was much simpler than it is today - the market was full of active job seekers, redundancies were being made, candidates were out of work and therefore immediately available to explore new opportunities. Therefore, it was easy for clients to recruit without utilising the expertise of recruiters. Unfortunately, times have changed and we now have a candidate led market. Unemployment is at just 4% meaning candidates are no longer out of work and therefore only looking to move if the opportunity, company, job role and package is right for them!

Getting in front of the passive market

An article released at the beginning of the year highlighted that 29% of employees were open to a move however they are not actively looking for or applying for roles. So, the question has to be how do you get your opportunities in front of the passive market, those candidates not actively applying but would consider a move for the right opportunity who could be a perfect fit for you? This is a full-time job, hence the number of recruiters out there but it’s important you engage with the right recruiter for your business, one that resonates with your company values and beliefs. You need to find a recruiter that gets to know you and your business and that adds real value to your recruitment strategy, and one that values long term partnerships. It is then down to the recruiter to ensure the opportunity is attractive to passive and active candidates -  yes, the salary needs to be competitive but it’s about much more than that. It’s about the company, reputation, the opportunity for personal development and progression, benefits package, much more than just the salary. This needs to be reflected in job adverts if you want to attract the best talent. Your recruiter can sell your company and your role in order to attract the best candidates for the role rather than relying on the best available active candidate at the time.

Reducing your interview to hire ratio

The next challenge that comes, for recruiters especially, and that’s getting candidates to make time to register for vacancies, to interview with the agency face to face. These candidates are in work and therefore unavailable during the working week. So, what’s the alternative, well recruiters either delay the process by awaiting long periods of time in order to register the candidate (whilst in the meantime the client is missing out on a great candidate & the candidate is pursuing other applications) or the recruiter cuts this process out completely and sends the candidate to the client having not met with the candidate. A very dangerous tactic which can damage a recruiter’s reputation if and when it goes wrong,how then do they know they are a good match having not met the candidate? This therefore leading to clients spending more and more time viewing CV's and meeting unsuitable candidates for their roles, the idea of using an agency is to save you time and money, if they’re not adding value and reducing your interviewing to hire ratio then you are working with the wrong recruiters!

Revolutionising recruitment with video selection

Every client tells us how important team fit, personal drive and personality is. These attributes being just as important as candidates work experience, however this is something you can’t possibly see from a CV. At Chrysalis Recruitment Solutions we have revolutionised the way we recruit utilising video candidate selection. We simply use video software to get opportunities in front of the passive market, attracting candidates and completing the first stage interview process. Their video interview along with their CV are added to a portal for clients to review all candidates in one place and select the best candidates for the next stage. This increases the interview to hire ratio by up to 70% saving the client a significant amount of time and money whilst also making the process more effective and efficient for the candidate.

Outsourcing your recruitment

In summary the recruitment journey has its challenges, yes companies can work hard to source their own candidates to fill their vacancies however, in order to really reach out to the passive market and to truly engage with candidates then outsourcing your recruitment to an agency partner is a great way to get ahead of your competitors, securing the best talent on the market that’s right for your business long term your recruitment strategy. Video software sets us apart from our competitors in order to lead the way for other recruiters. Having revolutionised the way, we recruit for our clients, saving them time and money whilst also making the recruitment journey easier and more effective for the candidate creating real long-term partnerships with both in order to match effectively.

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