Diversity & Inclusion - Supporting Businesses in Meeting their Responsibilites

We are proud to partner with Radical Recruit in order to support businesses to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity & Inclusion commitments and create genuine social value through the provision of consultancy, training, facilitation, experiential learning, social impact marketing, brand alignment and corporate volunteering services.

Radical Recruit CIC (Radical) is pioneering a recruitment revolution - a movement which excites, agitates, and shakes things up in the recruitment industry. They are a community-owned not-for-profit recruitment consultancy, and they employ a values-led approach to sourcing talent; working exclusively with people who are underrepresented in the labour market, including women and candidates who are BAME, disabled or have other protected characteristics as well as candidates whose life experience prevent them from findings jobs they love including care and prison leavers, domestic violence survivors and the homeless community.

RADICAL RECRUIT provides seamless recruitment consultancy services and sponsorship opportunities to some of England’s biggest and most reputable employers. They only work with employers who can demonstrate a genuine commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion and want to turn that commitment into action.

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People from these marginalised communities have enormous potential but the sad reality is that their potential is overlooked because they are viewed through a lens of mistrust; perceived as antisocial or lacking skills to secure and sustain meaningful paid employment. Subsequently, our candidates are refused access to the labour market and discarded on a talent scrap heap; denied the opportunity to become contributing and valued members of society.

This is a waste of life. This is bad for business. This is detrimental to the UK economy.

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Meet the MD

Emma Freivogel

“I began RADICAL RECRUIT because I believe it is time to boldly and unapologetically challenge the status quo. It is time to redress the imbalance of opportunity afforded to those labelled; ‘care leaver’, ‘disabled’, ‘gang member’, ‘black’, ‘uneducated’, ‘inexperienced’, ‘homeless’, ‘criminal’, or generally, just ‘not ‘good enough’. It is time to call out businesses who talk a big game when it comes to their commitment to inclusion, equality and diversity but whose policies fail to translate into practice. I am RADICAL.”


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To ensure their recruitment policy and practice is inclusive and equitable.

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That attracts candidates with diverse skills, experience, self-determination and grit.

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That attracts candidates with unique ways of thinking.

Recruitment Consultancy Chester

That addresses the skills shortage; a shortage that costs business 1.7bn per annum.

Recruitment Consultancy Chester

That ensures improved community cohesion and safety.

Recruitment Consultancy Chester

That tackles social injustice, advocates human rights.

Recruitment Consultancy Chester

That pioneers diversity, equality and inclusion on the world stage.

When the business world and the third sector unite for the common good, profound and lasting social change is possible.


The Radical Business Passport

A subscription service for businesses who want to create authentic social value through their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Creating social value and driving business success is not mutually exclusive

In fact, Radical businesses do both.

We make it easy and we take ‘the risk’ out of being Radical with the Radical Business Passport – a tailored bundle of services to help your business meet its D&I and CSR commitments whilst transforming the lives of people who experience disadvantage – our Radicals!

Being Consciously Unbiased.

The time has come to be anti-biased! Our ‘Being Consciously Unbiased’ facilitation and workshop package combines discussion-based learning with experiential learning and virtual check-ins over the course of six months. It is created and facilitated by lived experience experts; people who have been on the receiving end of bias.

Delegates will participate in discussion to:

  • Identify their implicit bias.
  • Adjust their automatic thinking patterns.
  • Reduce discriminatory behaviour.
  • Challenge the status quo in their place of work.

We facilitate opportunities to connect, explore, debate, challenge, disagree, reflect. You lean into discomfort and grow in a safe space.


Leading & Supporting Radical People (half-day workshop with the option for regular Radical virtual group coaching and support)

Our collaborative and interactive workshop is aimed at hiring managers and HR colleagues responsible for leading people from diverse backgrounds.

Critical Friend & Co-pilot

A critical but friendly review of your current CSR and D&I approach to identify, activity to be proud of and build upon and, areas for improvement, result: an action plan that we will support you to bring to life. Whether it is expert help with the development of policy that effectively guides decision making, processes to save your business money, or projects that create social value – we will stand with you.

Corporate Volunteering

Access to our annual calendar of virtual and face-to-face events where you roll up your sleeves to help our Radicals succeed; a far cry from painting a fence at the local Community Centre or clearing a church garden. These opportunities are designed to get you up out of your seats and thinking outside the box in a fun, fast-paced, and high energy mutual learning environment where our Radicals also reap the benefits. They are a great way to give your time and put your skills to good use in support of local people and the community.

Sponsorship Opportunities & Brand Alignment

Bespoke sponsorship opportunities in support of the UK’s only not-for-profit recruitment consultancy supporting the BIPOC community, women, prison and care leavers, domestic violence and modern-day slavery survivors, disabled and homeless people, refugees and returned veterans.

Team Away Days

Team away days with a Radical twist! Whether you are looking to encourage team working, improve communication, develop stronger internal culture, provide staff learning and development opportunities, or increase employee engagement, our team away days will impress and inspire. Why not visit a local prison to support residents and increase their employability skills? Or volunteer at a Radical partner soup kitchen or homeless shelter? Expect high energy, fun and meaningful opportunities to engage with each other and your local community.

RADICAL RECRUIT bridges the gap between this untapped pool of talent and the business world. We simultaneously deploy our business mind and community heart to facilitate the leap, from the rhetoric of diversity, equality and inclusion, to action and we at Chrysalis People Solutions are proud to have them as a trusted partner in order to support both their radicals and our clients.

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